Architechture and Artwork

Gold paintings, meenakari and glasswork truely attracts worshippers and tourists. In the centre of Singhi Jain Mandir lies fourteen pillars and what is worth noticing is the beautiful carvings on all these pillars. There are many doors and windows in the temple to keep it fully ventilated and illuminated. The walls and floors, arches and pillars, even the ceiling of the temple shines in the brilliant glasswork and meenakari which blend with one another and makes the temple truly a wonder. One can find Jain inscriptions on the walls around the temple. The glass carvings on the walls, though almost 100 years old yet seems so fresh and newly crafted.

Huge Chandelier

The high dome of the temple have a very special significance. One can be easily awestruck by the mesmerising chandelier. The light emitted by the chandelier makes all the other glass carvings dazzel with a thousand hues.

Library and Clinic

Inside the temple premises, there is a two storey building where activities of clinics, library and workshops takes place. The library is home for old and new religious books. There is a huge collection of hand written antique books on Jainism. Here, in this library, one can even get hold of rare Granths.