Shri Kushal Chandji Singhi had three sons, Jesrajji, Girdharilalji and Panne Chandji. It was the last wish of Jesrajji to build a Jain Temple. Panne Chandji and Indra Chandji, son of Girdharilalji, laid the building foundation of this Jain Temple in Sujangarh in the year 1905.

After ten years on 10th January 1915, the construction was finally completed and the idols were originally consecrated. There is a beautiful and sacred statue of Lord Parsvnath in the centre of the temple which is woshipped daily by the pandits and the worshippers.

Yearly Celebration

Every year, during its anniversary, there is a huge procession and a grand three days functions and celebration in Sujangarh. Thousands of worshippers from all over India are present on this auspicious occassion. An active group of trustees look after the temple throughout the year and organises many programmes such as shivir, aryuvedic treatment, workshops etc.